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Key speakers

MRW takes pride in having a wide diversity of speakers talking about everything from national and political issues to local elections and community news.

Following is a list of the speakers we have hosted at our monthly meetings in 2022:

Prior to the primary election, we invited candidates to introduce themselves to prospective voters. These candidates were for local and state offices.


We continued to welcome candidates for various offices to state their qualifications.


Final luncheon dedicated to candidates for state and local offices.


Mark Robinson, Lt. Governor of North Carolina, was the featured speaker. He talked about the current political situation and the importance of getting involved in the political process. 


Dale Folwell, NC State Treasurer, reported on the economic and financial state of our State. Thanks to the strategy and discipline of the Republican legislature, North Carolina is in good financial condition. 


Tim Moore, NC Speaker of the House, discussed various successes of the state legislator, despite liberal Gov. Roy Cooper, and urged us to help elect a super majority in November to be able to override Cooper's inevitable vetoes.


Holly Randall, Associate Counsel, First Liberty Institute, detailed the key decisions her organization just celebrated at the U.S. Supreme Court that were huge wins for religious freedom. 


  • John Bell, NC House Majority Leader, discussed the election and the formula: "3-2-1" - 3 new members elected to the State House to gain a supermajority; 2 new members elected to the State Senate to gain a supermajority; and at least 1 new judge to gain a majority in the State Supreme Court. 

  • Jason Jahorek, forensic analyst, provided information about election integrity in North Carolina and Moore County.


Emmanuela Prister, President of the SW Wake Republican Women and candidate for the NC Senate from District 15, and Christine Villaverde,  candidate for Congress in the 2nd District in Wake County, both talked about standing up for what you believe and getting involved. 

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