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Key speakers

MRW takes pride in having a wide diversity of speakers talking about everything from national and political issues to local elections and community news.

Following is a list of the speakers we have hosted at our monthly meetings in 2024:


  • Dale Folwell, NC Treasurer and candidate for Governor

  • Hal Weatherman, candidate for Lt. Governor

  • Troy Tarazon, Candidate for State Representative 

  • Christine Villaverde, candidate for NC Secretary of State

  • Jim Kee, candidate for NC Auditor


  • Bill Graham, candidate for Governor

  • Deanna Ballard, candidate for Lt. Governor

  • Allen Mashburn, candidate for Lt. Governor

  • Luke Farley, candidate for NC Commisioner of Labor

  • Tom Adams, candidate for Board of Commissioners, District IV

  • Kelly Davis, candidate for Board of Education, District IV

  • Robert Levy, candidate for Board of Education, District II

  • Don Zawlocki, candidate for Boarad of Education, District V


  • Mitch Kokai, Political Analyst

  • Michael Hardin, Moore County District Attorney

  • Michael C. Stone, Superior Court Judge


  • Hal Weatherman, candidate for Lt. Governor

  • Jim O'Neill, candidate for Lt. Governor

  • Jack Clark, candidate for NC Auditor

  • Dave Boliek, candidate for NC Auditor


  • Kyshia Brassington, North Carolina's representative to the Republican National Committee

  • Iris AngleFounder, Survivors of Suicide Support Group in Southern Pines

Previous speakers (2023)

Previous speakers (2022)

Previous speakers (2021)

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