Officers & Committees

The MRW Officers for 2019-20 are:

Pauline Bruno - President
Wanda Little- 1st Vice President (Programs)
Mariann Benway - 2nd Vice President (Membership)
Pilar Page - Recording Secretary
Peggy Smetana - Treasurer



Armed Forces/Homeland: Deb Spelman, Sandi Carl
Budget & Finance: Peggy Smetana
By-laws: Kay Wildt
Campaign/political activities: Kay Wildt
Caring For America: Diane Authement
Chaplain: Diane Authement
Club Awards/Volunteer Hours: Mariann Benway
Communications/Network PR: Bekah Bibb
Corresponding Secretary: Pilar Page
Fundraising/Ways & Means: Miriam Chu
Historian: Pauline Bruno
Hospitality: Ellie Ray
Leadership:  Pauline Bruno
Legislation/Alerts: Kay Wildt
Luncheon: Lisa Sheridan
MELP/Literacy: Susan Ambrose
Membership Asst./Box Top Collection: Kim Lindenberger
Membership Asst.: Meg Lindenberger
Newsletter: Pilar Page
Outreach/Community Engagement: Mariann Benway
Parliamentarian: Libby Carter
Photographer: Anna Vigilis
TROOPONS: Pauline Bruno
Website: Pilar Page

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