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A message from Charli Thyne, MRW President

It begins


We all read the headlines. We watch the news (if we can stand it). We know what’s happening and what liberal policies and “woke-ism” are doing to our country. We’ve been itching to do something about it. Our way back to sanity begins in February.


The primaries are upon us (March 5 is Primary Election Day), and early voting starts on February 15. Who do you want for President? Governor? Lt. Governor? Judges? School Board? Other state and local officials?


MRW cannot endorse any Republican candidates for the primaries. But we have done our best to put them in front of you at our luncheons so you can see who they are for yourself. If you need reminding of who they have been, see our newsletters hereherehere and here.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) recommends that we vote early. It allows Republican candidates to better allocate their resources. It also ensures that you don’t run up against last-minute surprises like illness or bad weather on Election Day. Vote early, and encourage your friends to vote early, too. See below for more information about early voting dates, places and times.


In our February newsletter, we have provided information about the primaries, including the Moore County Republican sample ballot. Forward the link to friends and family. Be a candle in the darkness, and help light their candles, too.


Our country, state and county are depending on you!



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