A message from MRW's President, Maureen Krueger

Maureen Krueger.jpg

It's time to start generating the Red Wave!


It may still seem like the “dog days” of summer, but the 100-day countdown to Election Night begins August 1!  Absentee ballots become available in just 40 days. If we want the Red Wave to roll in when the election results are tallied on November 8, we have to get to work NOW. 


Moore County, where we live, is incredibly important – our Get Out the Vote efforts are instrumental in counteracting the Dem votes in Charlotte and Raleigh. Every vote counts!


When I sat down to write this, I was only going to focus on one election. But it was like being asked to pick your favorite child – I  just couldn’t do it. We must work hard for all of our candidates:


  • Locally, we have a chance to take back our Board of Education by electing MRW members Pauline BrunoKen Benway and Shannon Davis.  

  • County Commissioner Nick Picerno has demonstrated unfailing conservative leadership and we need to work to keep him in office.   

  • After winning the Republican Primary, Commissioner candidate Jim Von Cannon has two unaffiliated challengers to fend off in November.  

  • NC Senator Tom McInnis has proven to be a tireless advocate for Moore County and conservative issues.  Court-drawn redistricting added swaths of democrat-controlled Cumberland County to McInnis’ district, thus jeopardizing his seat in the Senate.   

  • The races for Supreme Court candidates Trey Allen and Richard Dietz have been ranked by the University of Virginia Center for Politics as the NC Supreme Court’s top judicial races in the United States. Victories for Allen and Dietz would bring a conservative majority to our highest court. We can finally put an end to the Court using its power to legislate liberal policies that are out of touch with the values of North Carolinians.  

  • Congressman Richard Hudson, a Moore County resident and member of MRW, needs our help to keep his Congressional seat.

  • And Trump-endorsed Senate Candidate Ted Budd is being enormously out fundraised by Democrat darling Cheri Beasley.   


There is an old saying “if everything is important, then nothing is important.” While we can’t pick our favorite child, we can pick a campaign (or two) to support. The NCFRW Election initiative gives us a framework for success. Fundraising, canvassing, and phone banking are just a few proven strategies. Let’s put the Red Wave into motion right away so we can celebrate victory for ALL our candidates on November 8!