A message from MRW's President, Maureen Krueger

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Purpose and plans for MRW in 2022

As I write the President’s message for the first time, I’m filled excitement for the future of Moore Republican Women. Our members live out their conservative principles with a spirit of strength, courage and camaraderie. It’s an honor to be part of this group.

2022 brings many important elections. These elections are already under attack by targeted lawsuits which suspended candidate filings twice after filing started and pushed the primary election day back two months. Rulings like this illustrate the importance of electing constitutional conservatives to each and every elected office. This is an integral mission of MRW. We will introduce as many Republican primary candidates to our members as possible. Quite a few candidates have already committed to our upcoming luncheons. We want to vet them so we can determine who is the most conservative and electable. So be prepared with questions! And then let’s work to get the best Republicans elected.

MRW has experienced a lot of growth. Our members have a treasure trove of experiences and talents. We want everyone to participate in a way that is meaningful to them. The comment I hear the most from members is “What can I do?” That captures the spirit of our Club. We’re not just people who sit around and complain - we get things done! So at upcoming meetings, we will provide more information about committees, projects and other ways you can get involved.

Please be free with your suggestions. One good one is that we find ways to include Republican women who cannot attend our luncheons because they're working or because they live in rural communities. I agree with this completely, and MRW may soon be adding initiatives to reach our members or potential members who fall into this category.


Finally, as we conclude the Christmas season, I’d like to acknowledge its importance in America. Christmas is a celebration cherished by all faiths. While it cannot and should not be separated from the birth of Christ, its message is one of universal peace and fellowship. It is a lesson that there is salvation and human worth for all who give and all who receive, all being part of God’s gift to humanity. In great part, Christmas celebrates our freedom to worship. In that sense, it’s an integral part of the foundation that formed these United States of America. Indeed, ours is the only nation founded on the notion that all our rights come from God. It is why all Americans, regardless of religion, are so proud of both this holiday and our great nation, the latter being made possible only because of the former. It is one way God has given us to experience the joy of our nation and our Savior. And for that, all Americans are grateful.