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A message from Charli Thyne, MRW President



The trial of President Trump was the ultimate move in election interference. “Lawfare” is too benign a term. It’s nothing short of warfare. 


Judge Juan Merchan is totally corrupt as evidenced by his instructions to the jury. He undercut the defense at every turn. When has a jury ever been tasked with determining the crime the defendant allegedly committed? What happened to our judicial system and rule of law? Thank the good Lord above that we still have the appellate system. 


This farce should infuriate both independents and undecideds. What the Left didn’t prepare for is that now Trump's base is super-charged and energized. Guess what, Soros, Bragg & Merchan: You have just provoked and galvanized the sleeping giant in the United States!


We need to vanquish the evil forces that are trying to destroy our country, the wicked people whose mission in life is to see Donald Trump in prison. President Trump can never get a fair trial. However, the real trial will happen on November 5, 2024.


Bottom line – May 30, 2024 was the biggest fund-raising day for President Donald J. Trump!


We are fighters! We will win at the ballot box! Stay the course and never surrender!



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