A message from MRW's President

An Open Letter To Our Wonderful President: 

Donald J. Trump


Dear Sir:


I was checking out at the grocery store today, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Time Magazine. Joe Biden’s picture was featured on the cover and underneath it were the words “President of the United States.”  


Pain – actual, real, nauseating pain – tore through me from my head to my toes and settled in my heart. Because I am, and have always been, a good citizen, I just kept on about my business when I really wanted to pull every magazine out, throw them on the floor, and stomp on them until they shredded. It is just unforgivable what has been done to you and to us.

Mr. President, you are the man I will follow. You have led us to greatness, success and integrity. You have the backbone and the strength to continue this fight. Please, never stop being Donald Trump. Please never stop fighting for us and for America.

These people want to change America.  Well, maybe they are going to get what they deserve. Our country will dissolve right out from under us. I know my father and his fellow Marines and WW II Veterans are rolling in their graves. They fought against Communism, Socialism and Fascism and now this is what America will be. How sad and heartbreaking. May the Lord in Heaven watch over us.

On behalf of my sisters and Associates in Moore Republican Women, we love you and support you with every beat of our hearts.

You are our President – the best in our lifetimes.



Moore Republican Women

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