A message from MRW's President, Pauline Bruno


I lost my friend, Rush Limbaugh. I lost one of the true loves of my life. Like many of you, I spent three hours a day for most of the past 30 years with him. How many friends can you say that about?


Remember the look on his face when he received the Medal of Freedom from our wonderful President Trump? I believe that when he woke up in Heaven, being able to hear again, he had the same look on his face. He has now been given the highest honor of all - he is in the presence of our Lord. 


I thought El Rushbo was indestructible. I thought he would be here with us forever. He saved AM radio, he raised millions of dollars for charity, and inspired many to follow in his footsteps. He had a massive influence over politics and directed and grew the conservative movement. He was a strong supporter of President Trump. I loved him.


Mike Huckabee calls him a Social Prophet. He was able to look at the world around him and analyze what was happening and why. He directed us in good times and encouraged us in bad. He loved God. He loved America. He loved us, his audience. Sick as he was, he was behind that EIB microphone for as long as he possibly could. He did it for us.


We will always look to him for the example he set. We will continue his mission and defend this remarkable country and all the principles upon which it was founded - the same principles we hold dear at MRW.



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