A message from MRW's President, Pauline Bruno


Fighting for our children


Since the days of "progressive" President Woodrow Wilson, the Left been trying to gain control of three things: academia, the judiciary and the media - in order to achieve their liberal vision for the country. [Read Jonah Goldberg's book, Liberal Fascism.] Over 100 years later, disastrously, they are on the brink of achieving their greatest goals - and complete control of our schools may be one of the most important.

That's why we've been so passionate about fighting for our children. MRW has been in the forefront, not only here in Moore County, but also across North Carolina, where MRW leaders have traveled to other Republican Women's clubs to have them join us in the fight. Thanks to our efforts to keep Critical Race Theory out of our schools, MRW recently received the prestigious "Caring for America" award from the National Federation of Republican Women. It's a fight we won in Moore County, but it will have to be fought again in the future.


Regarding other school-related fights, the most recent news is that masks have once again been mandated for a period of time, and the Southern Pines Land Trust ultimately wore down the Board of Education, which voted 4-3 on September 22 to sell property owned by Moore County Schools well below market value. This means Moore County children won't get the benefit of the much higher sale value of the land if sold on the market.


It's more than disappointing - it's infuriating! But we must never give up our efforts to stymie the Left from turning our schools - and our country - into ... what? I'm not sure what their actual goal is. I just know that we Conservatives must continue to be aggressive and determined to achieve OUR goals - freedom, fairness, equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all.



Moore Republican Women