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A message from MRW's President

An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh:


I cannot find the words to express my gratitude to you. Through your great strength, insight and values, you have inspired my life and the life of millions. How uncanny that you are a perfect stranger to me, but I know your heart.


It must have been your voice that immediately grasped my attention – strong, confident and articulate. Or perhaps it was your vast knowledge of current happenings. Maybe it was your consistent optimism about America and its people. It could have been your ability to explain and interpret what exactly was taking place. Or your comfort and good sense in times when it seemed we had "lost."


Your listeners know it is all these skills and attributes combined that make you the one and only El Rushbo. You absolutely deserved to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom - very few people in history have been as influential for the good of our country.


We are praying for you, Rush. You are part of us – our hearts, our souls, our thinking. You are our everyday trusty companion. My knees actually buckled when I heard of your illness. You will beat this because we are all relying on you and asking God to help you. He will. He has seen you propel us from apathy to new possibilities. He has seen all the great things you do! He has seen your guidance and your passion. Most of all, He has seen your love.


On behalf of all your treasured soul-mates,


Pauline Bruno
President, Moore Republican Women