A message from MRW's President, Pauline Bruno


America, it's time to rock your red, white and blue!

July 4, Independence Day, is my favorite holiday. Hot dogs, apple pie, fireworks, flags and parades under sunny skies. Can you think of a better way to celebrate our nation?

America is not just a piece of land on the globe or on a world map. It is an idea, a concept. Our forefathers envisioned this many, many years ago. This radical concept included limited government, opportunity, personal responsibility and liberty.

It is we, the everyday people, who keep this country working and thriving. It is we, the people, who grow our food. It is we, the people, who put our lives on the line daily in the form of firefighters, policy and military. It is we, the people, who kneel for our God and stand for our flag.

So let us proudly recite our Pledge of Allegiance and sing our National Anthem loud and clear! Let us fly those flags, march in our parade, and sing "Happy Birthday" to America!

Happy 4th of July to all - and remember, Moore Republican Women sparkles so bright, we could be our nation's fireworks!



Moore Republican Women