A message from MRW's President, Maureen Krueger

Maureen Krueger.jpg

Why this Primary is so important


Now that early voting has begun, we're in the midst of a primary election. For many public offices, this primary determines the entire election. Candidates vying for our precious votes are like competitive political athletes. Their prize, if they win, is a bit of our personal sovereignty. We willingly give up authority of self-governance through our vote. This is the only power granted to elected officials by We The People.  


Every election cycle seems to start earlier, get nastier and cost more money than the one before. And every election cycle, we're told that this is the most important election of our lifetime. And rest assured that will be the cry in November.


That's why this primary is so important. We are choosing the BEST candidates to elect in November, including NC Senator, our Congressional representatives and the all-important judges. Locally in Moore County, we are selecting the BEST candidates to be our District Commissioners - a key position that impacts our everyday lives. And, of course, the future of our kids will be influenced by our School Board selections - we need to eliminate just one person from the ballot. Don't let it be one of the two who were endorsed by the Moore County GOP (Bruno and Benway). 


Experts are predicting just a 25% turnout for the primary. Let's make sure 20% of that number are conservative Republicans! 


At Moore Republican Women, we spent most of our meetings this year vetting candidates. We listened to their speeches, asked questions, and compared them to their opponents. Now is the time to decide who is the most electable candidate who reflects your values. Vote.