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Winning the next election

The next election in 2024 can't come soon enough!

Moore Republican Women encourages all our members and associates to get involved. Moore County votes are instrumental to winning in North Carolina – the votes we generate here help counteract the Democrat votes in urban areas – and we have made the difference many times. Let’s turn North Carolina from “purple” to red!

Here are a few things you can do to help us win in 2024:

  1. Volunteer at the Moore County GOP Headquarters. People are needed to staff the HQ, answer phones, hand out lawn signs, make “reminder” phone calls to Republicans when an election is coming up, etc.

  2. Walk your precinct and put door hangers and other literature, as allowed by your neighborhood, for our candidates. Knocking on doors is important because sometimes you can change peoples’ minds.

  3. Display yard signs of your favorites during the primaries and the regular election. This includes state and local candidates, and – very important – judges.

  4. Donate time and/or money to Republican candidates according to your means. If every North Carolina Republican donated $5.00 to a candidate, that would amount to a very nice war chest!

  5. Work the precincts on early voting days and Election Day. You can hand out palm cards, which are especially important when it comes to judges (many don’t know which judges are the conservative ones they should vote for).

  6. Hand out literature and talk to people at local patriotic events. Moore County Women often staffs booths or floats at parades and other events designed to generate enthusiasm and spread knowledge and awareness.

  7. Bring a friend or neighbor to our monthly luncheons. Many Republicans tend to sit on the sidelines – so stimulate them to get involved in a fun way. Alternatively, send them our monthly newsletter for better awareness of the political scene in our county, state and country.. And make sure they know about our website!

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