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History of Moore Republican Women

In May 1980 at the North Carolina Republican State Convention in Greensboro, the President and Board of the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women (NCFRW) pledged their support for the formation of the Moore Republican Women's club.

MRW held its first organizational meeting Sept. 3, 1980, at the Sheraton Convention Center in Southern Pines, and more than 100 women attended. On February 6, 1981, the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) issued a Charter to Moore County Republican Women's Club with Anne Frye, the Charter President, and 100 Republican Women members.

On March 23, 1981, the Charter was presented to the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women (NCFRW), and MRW, and its 134 members, became officially affiliated with the NCFRW.

At the 1988 NCFRW convention in Fayetteville, MRW received an award for having enrolled the most new members for the year.

The club grew steadily thereafter, and by 2001, Moore Republican Women was the largest club in North Carolina. At the present time, MRW continues to lead the state in membership.

Our name has been changed twice. In 1989, "County" was deleted, and in 1999, "Club" was deleted from the title. Since that time, the name remains Moore Republican Women.

Membership is open to women and men who are registered Republicans. MRW is a member of the North Carolina and National Federations of Republican Women.

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